Monday, September 18, 2006

Second Envelope 5th Stop

Here are the images of the Envelope after it's 5th stop with Blueness in Vancouver.

In total the envelope has traveled roughly 21,752 Km as the crow flies.
From Brisbane, Australia to Miles City, Montans, USA: 13014Km
From Miles City to Halifax, Canada: 3260Km
From Halifax to Cramerton, USA: 1816Km
From Cramerton to Vancouver, Canada: 3662Km

Flying again

Ok so we are back in business. We have two envelopes going at the same time to increase our chances of success and we are now flyng high and fast. I am going to attempt to work out the distance the envelopes have travelled and start listing the destinations visited etc, so we get a sense of their journey. So far both envelopes have gone to five ports of call and are moving on their way.